Cosmetology equipment

The most current trend in cosmetics is non-invasive methods, i.e., impact without compromising the integrity of the skin tissues. This guarantees a non-traumatic, bloodless, painless and infection-free procedure. What made the last generation of devices unique was biotechnology. The combination of ultrasound, radio-frequency, and micro-current technology with a medicinal cocktail produced via nanotechnology produces a truly remarkable rejuvenation and gives users a renewed beauty.

Having carefully studied the development of new devices on the market, we chose only the best.

  • The “Omnika” cavitation machine, made in Italy.
  • The “Bio Ultimate Platinum,” microcurrent machine made in the U.S.A.
  • The “Lucilia” photoepilation and photorejuvenation machine, made in Italy.
  • The “Super Sonik Pro” machine for ultrasonic exfoliation, manufactured in England.
  • The “Deros” electroporation(non-injection mesotherapy) and endermology machine.
  • A permanent make-up machine made by the “My Style” company in Germany.