Stomatology pricelist

On this page you can see the prices for some types of services offered at our clinic:


Examination, consultation 1210 rub.
Dental X-rays 1000 rub.
Scaling (removal of plaque from one tooth) 170 rub.
Cavity treatment From 3600 rub.
Root canal treatment From 8000 rub..
Treatment includes: anesthesia, dental dam, therapeutic pads, adhesive, filling material.

Surgery and implants

Tooth extraction from 3500 rub.
Two-step dental implant “MIS” (Israel) 40000 rub.
Two-step dental implant “Astra Tech” (Sweeden) 78500 rub.
The price includes a metal-porcelain crown


Porcelain veneer 21780 rub.
Full removable denturte 30250 rub.
Metal-porcelain crown* 13200 rub.
*the price of one unit includes anesthesia, tooth preparation, impressions, temporary crown, and casting and fitting the finished prosthesis
Dental prosthetics are made by the dental laboratory in our clinic.


Fixed orthodontic dentures 132000 rub.

*We would like to direct your attention to the fact that this price list is for information purposes only and under no circumstances should be considered a public offer as defined by the provisions of Article 437 (2) of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.