Dental technology

We have increased our guarantee on all types of work to 5 years. The large number of procedures we offer gives us the ability to offer such things as:

  1. Use of the latest scientific developments in dentistry.
  2. The resolution of your dental problems using implants and prosthetics. We use implants made in Sweden, Switzerland, the USA and Israel.
  3. All types of dental prosthetic, including flexible nylon and complex clasp.
  4. Modern methods of sterilization and disinfection, guaranteed protection from infection.
  5. Digital dental X-ray and computer diagnostics.
  6. Use of safe anesthetics of latest generation.
  7. The latest developments in orthodontics: aesthetic vestibular, and lingual brackets, including attachment to mini-implants.
  8. Aesthetic restoration of teeth with ceramic veneers, in-lays, semi-crowns.
  9. Tooth-saving surgery based on the world’s latest achievements.
  10. Professional tooth whitening with the “ZUM” lamp.