Cosmetology pricelist

The prices presented in this list are those of our most in-demand services.

For more detailed information, we ask that you enquire to the clinic.


Dermatologist/cosmetologist consultation 500 rub.
Ultrasound cleaning of facial skin (makeup removal, cold hydrogenation, anti-inflammatory mask, lotion) 1700 rub.
Machine facial cleanse (makeup removal, cold hydrogenation, anti-inflammatory mask, lotion) 1900 rub.
Classic cosmetic facial massage 1900 rub.
Leg waxing 800 rub.
Bikini-zone waxing 1000 rub.
Combined job (deep bikini, armpits, legs) 2650 rub.
Facials by “Natura Bisse” (Spain) from 2000 rub.
Facials by “Lysedia” (France) 6500 rub.

Machine Cosmetology

Microcurrent therapy for the face 1650 rub.
Breast augmentation with the Bio-Ultimate Platinum 1800 rub.
Cavitation – nonsurgical, ultrasonic liposuction on the Triworks Omnika 6000 rub.
Endermology on the Triworks Deros 1500 rub.
Electroporation on the Triworks Deros call

Mesotherapy and Revitalization

Mesotherapy of one region (hands, breast region, stomach, buttocks, hips, or shoulders) 3000 rub.
Mesotherapy of the face and neck 3000 rub.
Mesotherapy Filorga NCTF 135 (5 ml.) 4000р.
Biorevitalization on the IaI-System 1.1 ml. 7500 rub.
Biorevitalization on the IaI-System ACP 1.0 ml. 10000р.
Biorevitalization “Skin B” (5 ml.) 4600р.
Biorevitalization “Skin R” (10 ml.) 6600р.
Biorevitalization “Skin L” (1.5 ml.) 7800р.
Biorevitalization Surgilift Plus (1 ml.) 9000р.
Biorevitalization “Jalupro” (2.5 ml.) 7000р.


1 Unit 340 rub.

Hyperhydrosis correction

Hyperhydrosis correction 15300 rub.

Contour correction

Done with both Restylane and Juvederm от 11000 rub.

Permanent Makeup

Consultation with an expert on permanent makeup 500 rub.
Permanent makeup on the brows (both the soft shading technique and the “hair to hair” technique) 9000 rub.
Permanent eye makeup
• Interlash filling 6000р.
• Interlash filling with arrow 7000р.
• Eastern arrow 8000р.
If you are getting permanent makeup on the upper and lower eyelids 30% discount
Permanent lip makeup
• Lip contouring 10000р.
• Lip contouring with shading 13000р.

*We would like to direct your attention to the fact that this price list is for information purposes only and under no circumstances should be considered a public offer as defined by the provisions of Article 437 (2) of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.