Cosmetic technology

Proper use of the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine allows us to achieve excellent results.

  1. An integrated approach to solving aesthetic problems.
  2. Use of the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine in our field.
  3. The use of professional cosmetics from Italy, France, Spain, and the U.S.A., allowing us to address a variety of aesthetic issues.
  4. Technique in the operation of machines made by the world’s best equipment manufacturers.
  5. It is possible to use non-injection based techniques, such as electroporation (non-injection mesotherapy), “Botomax” and “Revitamax” (an alternative to mesotherapy, revitalization, and Botox injections).
  6. Non-surgical removal of fat deposits by cavitation and endermology with a machine from Italian firm “Triworks”.
  7. Warm wax hair removal and photo-epilation (4th generation “LuciLia”, Italy)
  8. Injections of Beauty – Mesotherapy, Revitalization, Contour Correction, and “Botox”.
  9. A strong, perfect image is not complete without permanent make-up applied by the latest generation “Professional Liner Premium” machine.
  10. The rapid development of innovative technologies in cosmetology requires continuous study and careful application. To this end, our experts are always studying hard in Russia, Europe and the Far East.