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Special offer of cosmetology department!

We always want to be liked. If you want your skin to look fresher and younger you can benefit from our special offer.

Our cosmetologists offer your 15% discount for biorevitalization procedure with hyaluronic acid! 15% discount for correction of nasolabial folds!

The offer is until 1 of October!

Schedule a consultation with our cosmetologist on +7 (812) 718 80 81.

The clinic has a new address!

Valued patients,

Our clinic has moved to a new address: House number 99, Griboedov Canal St. From the second of April we invite you to enjoy our new, comfortable and unique interior in downtown St. Petersburg.

We are glad to be able to offer our clients more convenient parking and access to public transportation.

The ” Forum International Technology” group.

We are proud to offer a new service – carboxytherapy.

Carboxytherapy is pneumopuncture (injections of CO2 gas).

This method was developed by French scientists in the 1930’s, and is successfully used the world over to treat many diseases.

Today, carboxytherapy is widely used in the beauty industry.

Carboxytherapy is a type of mesotherapy, but instead of injection a nutrient cocktail, CO2 gas is injected, which stimulates blood and lymph circulation, and triggers the formation of biologically active compounds and collagen. Carboxytherapy brings about regeneration, tightening and rejuvenation of the skin, making it elastic and efflorescent.

Carboxytherapy, like mesotherapy should be done with an individualized approach. Only an experienced cosmetology doctor can determine how many carboxytherapy sessions you will need, and what other treatments should compliment it.

Carboxytherapy is used for:

  • Elimination of local fatty deposits.
  • Strengthening the skin.
  • Healing stretch marks (the earlier the better, this method can even be used by breastfeeding mothers).
  • Circles and “blueness” under the eyes.
  • Allopecia.
  • Double chin and indistinct facial contour.

Carboxytherapy is a new method for treating neurological and somatic diseases. It is effective in the

  • treatment of migraines,
  • elimination of pain associated with osteochondrosis and arthritis,
  • treatment of trophic ulcers,
  • and restoration of microcirculation in the limbs of patients with diabetes (diabetic foot).

Carbopuncture is a procedure administered by a doctor of neuropathy, who injects CO2 into acupuncture points. Doing this relieves pain, heals the body, and repairs damaged organs. It would be simply impossible to list all of the conditions and diseases that can be positively affected by CO2 gas.

Don’t trust carboxytherapy treatments from any unexperienced person, go with the best!